David May


David May, Kangarilla SA

Discipline: Breeder of Spanish and Baroque horses

Career Highlight: I used ride show jumping horses to 1.3m and was an A grade polocrosse player, now I find highlights in working with young stock and seeing them progress.

Best Horses: Atrasardo, Jarnica & Majestic Picasso

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

They’re simple and easy to use. I love the affordability too.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I was introduced by a friend and then realised how much money I was saving by increasing vitamins and hay and reducing hard feed volume.

Which products do you use?

EVM Essentials and Farmalogic ReFlex. I’m finding that the young horses are more comfortable within themselves, no longer hot in temperament and more generally well-adjusted since starting them on Farmalogic products.

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