Gillian Taylor


Gillian Taylor, Brisbane, QLD

Discipline: Endurance Horse Rider – been competing for past 6 years and am an Open rider

Professional/Amateur: Amateur

Best Horses: Cool Water Safara and Cool Water Moonstone. Photo credit to Sarah Sullivan photography.

Career Highlight: My career highlight was doing the Tom Quilty in 2019 at Imbil and having the Farmalogic team there to support me and get me through the ride. I rode Cool Water Safara and I also trained Cool Water Moonstone who was ridden by Ema. Both of us successfully completed, earning our Quilty buckles so that is a huge achievement in itself -training 2 horses and both getting buckles.

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

My horses’ health is a priority for me and endurance is not an easy sport – it’s quite demanding on the body therefore having the best products for my horses helps me achieve the completions that I require for each ride.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I was initially using EVM Premium Blend but in 2016 I requested a free Farmalogic Diet Analysis and then upgraded the products I was using to my current regime (see below).

Which products do you use?

I use EVM Omega-3 PLUS, Farmalogic Reflex, Farmalogic Releaf, Farmalogic Melox and Farmalogic Rejuvenate. Melox and Rejuvenate are used throughout the endurance season and once the season is over I just stick to the basics – EVM, Reflex and ReLEAF. I was so impressed with the difference these products made to my horses that in 2017 I joined the Farmalogic Equine Ambassador team! I love talking about the products at events and have a couple of close friends who have now switched to Farmalogic and are very happy with the results. Safara is now retired from endurance and is still on Omega Blend, Reflex and he is looking fat and happy and still fit. I have also used the pastes B-Good Paste, Mega-B Boosta and Replenish and they are a favourite as they are quick and easy to use at rides to help settle the horses and also encourages them to eat and drink.

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