Have you ever wondered if you’re spending too much money on horse feeds? Are you giving your horses all their nutritional needs? Could you feed better and more cost-effectively?

What you’ll get

  1. A professional, university qualified equine nutritionist’s time to review your horse’s current diet.
  2. A written report providing tailored recommendations to help you fine-tune your horse’s existing diet – or to create a completely different diet if you want to.
  3. A coupon code which grants $30 to spend on the Farmalogic Online Store. Limited to 1 x $30 coupon per person per year. Requires minimum spend of $150.
  4. A free e-book with heaps of handy hints on when and how to make dietary changes, how much to feed, body condition scoring, which vitamins you really need to supplement and much, much more!
  5. Access to follow-up help via email or over the phone.

To access our expert horse diet analysis service, first weigh everything you feed then answer the questions below. Allow up to 2 weeks to receive your complete diet analysis report via email. Only available to horse owners in Australia and New Zealand.