Have you ever wondered if you’re spending too much money on horse feeds? Are you giving your horses all their nutritional needs? Could you feed better and more cost-effectively?

As a part of our strong commitment to customer service, and to help save you money, we offer a free diet analysis service to help you fine-tune your horse’s diet – or to create a completely different diet if you want to. To access this service, please fill in the form below – we’ll get back to you soon!

Already have your diet analysis? We’ve created an e-book to help you get the most out of it! Just use the special code on your diet analysis to access this e-book for FREE.

Diet Analysis Request

Our university qualified nutritionists offer free horse diet checks to horse owners in New Zealand.

Balancing a horse’s diet is a multi-step process which involves comparing current intake with the recommended minimum levels, checking vitamin levels, mineral balance and fatty acid ratios.

Our diet analysis reports come with a link to a free e-Book with heaps of handy hints on when and how to make dietary changes, how much to feed, body condition scoring, which vitamins you really need to supplement and much, much more!

To access this service, please weigh everything you feed your horse and answer the questions below. We will email your complete diet analysis report within 2 to 3 weeks. Only available to horse owners in Australia and New Zealand.