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Top Tips to Prepare your Horse Before Transport

Understanding the Health Risks in Transporting Horses

Tips to prepare for transport

In the week leading up to the journey:

  • Ensure your horses are calm and confident when loading and travelling in a horse float or truck.
  • Check that the float or truck has adequate ventilation and does not accumulate exhaust fumes.
  • For long journeys, plan your 4 hourly rest stops at safe locations.
  • If your horse is fussy about drinking ‘strange’ water, teach him or her to accept water flavoured with weak molasses, apple juice or cordial.
  • Give Farmalogic Rejuvenate powder as a source of live yeast probiotics every day from 3-5 days prior to travel, even for short journeys. Farmalogic B-Good Paste can be given instead of Rejuvenate powder on the day of and the day after transport.
  • Consider beginning preventative ulcer medications (from your vet) &/or Farmalogic ReLEAF as a source of proven nutraceuticals.
  • Pack spare feeds and hay to allow time to transition onto newly purchased feeds if the horse will be away for an extended period.
  • Ensure the regular diet contains adequate levels of plain salt (at least 7g/day salt per 100 kg horse bodyweight) to optimize hydration and electrolyte balance prior to travel.
  • Ensure the regular diet contains adequate levels of antioxidants including vitamin E and selenium. Farmalogic Melox can be used to top up levels during transport and following heavy work and competition.

Guidelines to help your horses arrive at their destination in a healthier state and ready to perform to their potential.

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