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Top Tips to Save $$$ on Horse Feeds


Did you get a nasty surprise in your horse feed store last week?arrow

With grain prices as much as 40 % higher than this time last year in parts of Australia (and likely to stay high due to seasonal conditions and global grain prices), horse owners are faced with rising costs of horse feeds (a rise of $4 per bag is not unusual). For many feeding premixed feeds, this increase is more than their budget can handle.

How can you stretch your horse feed budget further?

  • Feed more hay or pasture, less hard feed (if you’re lucky enough to have access to grass or affordable hay) – this option is also best for horse gut health. Is teaming up with a group of horse owners to truck in a load of hay an option?

  • Minimise hay wastage by using a good quality hay net. We recommend GutzBusta‘s range of strong, lightweight hay nets which can reduce hay wastage by up to 46 per cent.

  • Reduce the pre-mixed feed by half, and top up with non-cereal super fibre feeds such as copra, legume hulls (e.g. Maxisoy) or beet pulp (e.g. Speedibeet) and balance with half a daily serve of a quality vitamin and mineral supplement (e.g. Equine Vit&Min).

  • Remove premixed feeds and cereal-based feeds from the diet and replace with super fibres, salt and a full serve of a quality vitamin and mineral supplement (e.g. Equine Vit&Min).

  • Oil can be used to boost the energy density of the diet, allowing you to feed less hard feed.

  • Consult with a qualified equine nutritionist to design a cost-effective and well-balanced diet utilising the most affordable ingredients available in your area. Your cost savings may pay the nutritionist’s fees in only a few weeks! (Equine Vit&Min customers can take advantage of the FREE diet analysis offered with any purchase!).

  • Ensure your horse’s diet is correctly balanced to optimise feed use efficiency. Adding live-yeast probiotics can also result in cost savings through better fibre digestion. Equine Vit&Min Premium, Omega-3 PLUS and TropiCAL-Pro blends all contain a daily portion of live yeast per serve.

In the meantime, continue with rain dancing, prayers and whatever it takes to bring a better season for our farmers and our pastures!

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